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Life with music

We’ve been with you since 2010 and since then we’ve been serving the best tracks from Dubstep and Trap genres and their subspecies especially for you.

From 2015 we started with creating our own amateur songs for soundcloud a, from 2017 we officially release songs that are licensed so you can listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Tidal and other streaming services.

How to submit your piece or a piece of your favorite artist ?

Use the application form

If you want to submit a song that should be on our station by sending a file with IDv3 tag and ISRC number in MP3 320kbps format for your work, if you don’t have a license you can always use the free RouteNote service and try later on after approval. Otherwise your work will be rejected! If you want to add a song of your favorite artist, please contact us via the contact form.

Wait for acceptances

After sending the work, it must be listened to and verified by us for license and compliance with guidelines such as: Quality of the work, genre.


After verification, the song will be added to the playlist, which will be played within 48 hours

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